Trade International Group (TIG) is a full-service sales and marketing firm. We provide our clients with any and all of the services they require to ship and sell their goods domestically or internationally. When conducting business internationally, our research team selects and studies the regions where the products are going to be sold. Regional demographics are targeted effectively and efficiently to ensure brand recognition and sales. When expanding local markets, we focus on innovative thinking that captures the interest and imagination of the consumer base.

TIG manages the sales and marketing for manufacturers who need to introduce their products to the market. We help businesses build their brands domestically and internationally. By advancing production sourcing, providing import and export expertise and materials, we connect our clients with international partners, who will ensure the safe and professional sale of their products. Our distributors are the most reliable and professional in the business, and our sourcing and marketing teams’ capabilities are time-tested, efficient, cost-effective and state of the art. TIG partners with only the most competent international freight companies, giving our customers access to climate-controlled containers and teams of professionals who care about the products they handle.